Making Life Changing Decisions CD Series

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Everyone has choices to make every day. Some are simple like choosing to brush your teeth today, and some are complicated like where to live to best raise a family. How do we know what are the right choices to make? Our choices always have consequences.
Pastor Randy Valimont reminds us that God created us in His image, so that we have the ability to think, process, and freely choose. We are not spiritual zombies! But you ask, “What about the challenges that we face?” Jacob had many obstacles in his life, including his name, that he had to overcome before walking in the purpose and destiny for his life. Pastor shares how these challenges in our lives can build us and grow us and ultimately create changes in our hearts toward God. With our eyes on Jesus, we can make the right choices!

The messages that you will hear in this series are: “Choices”, “Challenges”, and “Changes”.

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